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Brand New is the WFQHA Business Directory. It will continually be updated with new advertisers, stallion showcase and horses for sale in the WFQHA stock market. Email the WFQHA today for more details!!

Please keep in mind, the WFQHA prides itself for keeping the focus on the Foundation Quarter Horse and more specifically the horses who qualify for WFQHA Registration. We are proud of these WFQHA Foundation Quarter Horses. We are also proud of their accomplishments within the WFQHA arena and how these horses have positively impacted the families who own them. What’s also exciting is that these same horses are entering other professional arenas across the country showcasing their abilities!! Through all the positive endeavors of these WFQHA horse owners/exhibitors, they are paving the way for more and more prospective buyers to take a serious look at WFQHA Foundation Quarter Horse Breeders and their respective – Breeding Programs. What an exciting time for all the people who have taken an active role in making this dream a reality for all WFQHA horse owners. Now is the time to introduce your WFQHA prospects to the world, sell a service or to promote your breeding program!! Take advantage of the all new Business Directory!!

WFQHA World Show Sponsors

At the WFQHA; it’s a “Grassroots” sponsorship campaign that brings our World Show to life!! If you and/or your business would like to be a sponsor of the WFQHA World Show then just email us for more information. Thank~You in advance for any and all 2007 World Show contributions!!