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“A Good Foundation Makes All The Difference In The World”
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Horseback Riding Programs
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Horseback Coming to a barn near you!! WFQHA members may also choose to be even more adventurous in 2007!! Saddle up for the 2nd annual “A Good Foundation Makes All The Difference In The World” Horseback Riding Program. Ride at your own pace…walk, trot and/or lope. Just remember to enroll you and your favorite horse(s) today and start recording the hours spent horseback!! This is an innovative riding program that provides a unique opportunity to record the different types of riding our members frequently enjoy while at work or for the fun of it.

The WFQHA Horseback Riding Program provides an opportunity for members to have fun with WFQHA Foundation Quarter Horses while building a Foundation for the young or inexperienced horse or rider. The WFQHA riding program may also be seen as a mentoring program for amateur riders so they can build their confidence and achieve a higher level of horsemanship.

Never before has there been a Horseback Riding Program that is so complete. This WFQHA activity offers an innovative way for WFQHA members to be rewarded for their hours while in the saddle. The beauty of the WFQHA Horseback Riding Program is that members will be able to compare their hours spent horseback against their own peers. The WFQHA is excited to offer six divisions for the members of the WFQHA: 1) Open 2) Amateur 3) Seniors 50 & Over 4) Youth 14-18 5) Youth 9-13 and 6) Youth 5-8. Finally a riding program where youth are riding against youth of their own age, seniors riding against seniors and so on.

What else is unique about this riding program?? Riders will be able to record the type of riding they are experiencing such as driving cattle at their own ranch or a neighbors pasture, horseback in the practice or show arena with or without cattle or maybe trail riding on a family vacation. This is a great opportunity for friends and families that are looking for a fun and educational way to spend time together. This can be such a rewarding WFQHA activity since it has the highest emphasis on sportsmanship and encourages a positive family atmosphere on a daily basis. Benefits of a program are not always ones that people can physically see such as a horse and rider excelling in the show arena. Sometimes the best benefits are the ones felt deep inside oneself. Hours invested today will help shape tomorrows leaders and the future for all of us.

Whether WFQHA members are ranching, trail riding, riding in the practice arena or showcasing their WFQHA Foundation Quarter Horse at the 2007 WFQHA World Show, we invite all our WFQHA members to join us because “A Good Foundation Makes All The Difference In The World”!! Don’t miss out on this “Foundation Experience”, the program will run this year from Jan 1-Dec 31, 2007. For more details, just click on the Horseback Riding Program application.