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“The WFQHA Is Dedicated To The Preservation And Promotion Of
Foundation Quarter Horses”
2006 WFQHA Registry
(PDF Downloads)
Registration ~ 2 Page Application
Transfer ~ 2 Page Application
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The WFQHA offers a registry for Foundation Quarter Horses. No registered thoroughbred can be any closer than the fourth generation of the horse being registered. The horse must not trace back to Impressive. The four simple steps to register your Foundation Quarter Horse with the WFQHA are as follows:

  1. Owner must be a Lifetime or Current Member of the WFQHA to register horses.
  2. Owner must send (both sides) of WFQHA Registration application. Both sides must be filled in accurately and legibly. All sections must be completed.
  3. Owner must enclose legible photocopies of AQHA Registration Certificate (both sides) with application. Copies of transfer applications will not be accepted to verify ownership.
  4. The owner must send payment of $15.00 (US Funds Only) per horse application. Registration fees, once submitted to the WFQHA, are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Registration application cannot be processed unless all requirements are met and provided by horse owner. WFQHA has the option of returning registration application to horse owner if all registration requirements are not met. Final decisions are by the WFQHA Registration Committee.

Here are some guidelines when registering horses in time for the 2007 World Show:

  • All horse owners and exhibitors must be Lifetime or current 2007 WFQHA members.
  • All horse registration applications must be received at the WFQHA office by August 20, 2007 for entry into the 2007 World Show.
  • No registration applications will be accepted at the 2007 World Show event.
  • Weanlings must be AQHA registered at time of entry.
  • WFQHA cannot complete the registration process with copies of breeder’s certificates or copies of AQHA transfer applications. The horse owner must send a front and back copy of AQHA Registration Certificate to verify proof of ownership and markings of horse. Example: WFQHA registration applicant’s name must also be located on the AQHA Registration Certificate as current horse owner to process WFQHA Registration application.

If you would like to showcase your horses at the 2007 World Show…mail in your membership and registration applications today!!