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The WFQHA, its horses and active members; has already and will continue, to play an instrumental and positive role in the history making of the Foundation Quarter Horse for many generations to come. As WFQHA members, we are all ambassadors of the WFQHA which in turn is representative of the Foundation Quarter Horse industry. The WFQHA encourages positive “harmonious” relationships within our membership so “we can all enjoy the many benefits of being a WFQHA member”. Our members always look forward to a friendly yet competitive environment while allowing the promotion of these “All-Around Equine Athletes” at the many division levels!! Since the beginning in 2000, the WFQHA has always been known for its casual “family atmosphere”. Memberships in the WFQHA are annual or lifetime "Individual" or "Family Memberships" for the entire family household, the best values around!! A Family Membership includes all children 18 years old and under residing in the family household.

The goal for many Foundation Quarter Horse enthusiasts is better marketability of their horses. The WFQHA provides the WFQHA World Show as a performance platform so members can further meet their goals as breeders, owners and/or exhibitors. Especially, in the last three years, the World Shows have taken the industry to a whole new level of competition level. The WFQHA works very hard to bring the WFQHA members the best awards program available in the Foundation Quarter Horse industry. Montana Silversmiths® has been a wonderful awards company to partner with so World Show exhibitors can compete for quality awards while “Making History Happen” in the Foundation Quarter Horse world!!!

At the WFQHA; we are always researching and implementing new programs to provide better value for WFQHA members. New in 2006…the WFQHA’s very own “Horseback Riding Program”, “Stallion Showcase” and “World Show Exhibitor’s Sponsorship Co-op”. Please check out these and many more advantages to becoming a WFQHA member by browsing through our WFQHA website.

If you haven’t already downloaded and printed the WFQHA applications, please take a moment to do so now. Also, take a look at the applications to see who qualifies in your family household for their own exhibitor’s card(s). Remember, any current WFQHA member is eligible for the Open division. In the Open, Seniors and Youth divisions, the exhibitor may show any WFQHA registered horse. Don’t forget, the horse owner must be a current annual or lifetime member!! Only in the Amateur division is the horse required to be owned within the family. Points in every division are on the WFQHA registered horse except in the Youth division, points are on the horse/rider combination. When a horse is exhibited at a sanctioned WFQHA show and/or special point class, every horse is rewarded!! In a single judged class of up to 15 horses, the top 6 horses receive points accordingly. So in a class of 12 exhibitors, first place would receive 12 points, second 11 points etc.. until 6th placing. 7-15 placing would each receive a participation point unless disqualified. In a class of 16 or more horses, the top 10 are placed and the remainder of the class receives participation points. For more detailed information click on the WFQHA Rulebook link. Also, remember to mail your applications today!!!